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Mealtime should be something to look forward to. But when you have trouble swallowing, eating and drinking can be challenging. ThickenUp® provides a range of products to help support swallowing and hydration in individuals with swallowing problems, primarily dysphagia.

When your mealtimes are looking up, everything gets a little bit easier to swallow.

More Registered Dietitians
use and recommend
than any other
thickener in Canada.*
*2015 Nestlé. Data on file.

Convenient, fast, and easy

Thickening can be done anywhere, anytime. ThickenUp® Clear™ sachets make preparing texture-modified foods easy when you’re out and about. Each sachet equals one scoop (1.4 g), so just add as many as you need whether you’re thickening from a can or using a sachet on the go.

Nestlé Health Science is committed to
innovation in dysphagia nutrition.

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