Nestlé Health Science is pioneering a new field
of nutritional therapy

How do we change

the course of Health?

Research & Innovation

Nestlé Health Science develops and delivers nutrition solutions related to disease states and health conditions across the lifespan. From young children to mature adults, from brain health to genome analysis and gastrointestinal disorders, we are developing innovative nutritional therapies.

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Nutritional Therapies

Nestlé Health Science is pioneering a new field of nutritional therapy, while maintaining a clear focus on people’s needs. We are focusing on three key areas: consumer care, medical nutrition and what we are calling “Novel Therapeutic Nutrition."

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We are focused in the following health care areas:

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences:
from genetics to diet & lifestyle research
The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences has a mission: develop scientific methods to improve health through nutrition. This scientific research centre gives Nestlé Health Science the most advanced information and processes in nutrition and diagnostic science. We strongly believe that the food we consume is the single largest influence on our health. Gaining greater understanding of nutrition paves the way for developing nutritional therapies aimed at managing health conditions. Developing the tools and methods to study the interactions of microdata — genes, proteins, metabolites, single nutrients — with macrodata — diet, activity, lifestyle — will provide insight and targets for future nutritional and lifestyle interventions.