Nutrition Management Strategies

Nutrition in Dysphagia Management

Good nutrition is especially important for people with dysphagia. The main goals of nutrition management include:

  1. Ensuring adequate nutrition and fluid intake 
  2. Minimizing choking, aspiration risk , mealtime fatigue and maintaining the best possible health status 
  3. Making mealtimes pleasurable by offering varied food choices and alternatives

Texture Modified Diets
Texture Modified Foods
Thickened Liquids
International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)
Considerations when Choosing a Thickener

ThickenUp Clear Drink and Food Thickener

ThickenUp Clear is an easy to use thickener to help your patients with dysphagia prepare texture modified foods and drinks.

ThickenUp Clear Mixing Chart for Preparing Thickened Fluids

ThickenUp range

Educational and Practical Resources for your Patients Requiring Thickened Liquids

Educational Site for Patients

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