The Compleat StoryThe Compleat Story

The Compleat Story

Why choose organic?

66% of all Canadians buy organic groceries weekly.1 Many choose organic because it aligns with their health, social, and environmental values. Compleat® Organic Blends provide an organic whole-food option when considering complete nutrition formulas.

Benefits of Compleat® Organic Blends:

  • Contain no dairy, soy, or corn
  • Contain no artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners
  • Are lactose-free and gluten-free
  • Have fibre from vegetables, fruit, and grains (rice)
  • Are made with non-GMO ingredients*


Truly nutritious. Truly delicious.

Compleat® Organic Blends formulas are made with a flavourful combination of real food, including vegetables, fruit, and plant-based protein.


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* Like all organic products, not made with genetically engineered ingredients.
1. Canadian Organic Trade Association. Consumer Ipsos Polls. June 2017.