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MedPass with Resource®

MedPass with RESOURCE® 2.0 is a clinically demonstrated nutrition routine1-2 for healing, recovery and whenever you may need extra energy and protein.

I am a caregiver or individual under healthcare professional supervision,
where can I buy Resource® 2.0?

You can purchase RESOURCE® 2.0 online or through the pharmacist at a number of major pharmacies.

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Contact a Store

  • Atlantic Canada

    City Halifax
    Name of Location Shoppers Simply Pharmacy
    Contact 866-224-1060

    City St John’s
    Name of Location Lawtons Drugs, Avalon Mall
    Contact 709-722-5460 x 5

  • Alberta

    City Calgary
    Name of Location Kenron Pharmacy
    Contact 403-289-7224

    City Canmore
    Name of Location Kinder Products Ltd.
    Contact 800-672-3879

    City Edmonton
    Name of Location Halls Remedy’s Rx
    Contact 780-420-1037

  • British Columbia

    City Kelowna
    Name of Location Cooper Medical Supplies
    Contact 250-868-3034

    City Kelowna
    Name of Location Dyck’s Drugs
    Contact 250-762-3333

    City Burnaby
    Name of Location Lancaster Medical Supplies
    Contact 604-708-8181

    City Vancouver
    Name of Location Davies Pharmacy
    Contact 604-985-8771

    City Kamloops
    Name of Location London Drugs Pharmacy
    Contact 250-372-0028

    City Victoria
    Name of Location London Drugs (Tillicum Centre)
    Contact 205-360-2654

    City Victoria
    Name of Location Rexall Home Health Care
    Contact 205-384-7196

  • Manitoba

    City Winnipeg
    Name of Location Meyers Drugs
    Contact 204-943-1466

    City Winnipeg
    Name of Location Tache Pharmacy at Seven Oaks Hospital
    Contact 204-633-2233

    City Winnipeg
    Name of Location Tache Pharmacy
    Contact 204-233-3469

  • Ontario

    City Ottawa
    Name of Location Ontario Medical Supply
    Contact 800-267-1069 x 5000

    City Sarnia
    Name of Location Northgate Pharmacy (560 Exmouth St.)
    Contact 519-344-8222

    City Thunder Bay
    Name of Location Shoppers Drug Mart # 1312 (572 Arthur St. W.)
    Contact 807-577-9700

    City Thunder Bay
    Name of Location Shoppers Drug Mart # 1525 (901 Red River Rd.)
    Contact 807-767-4411

    City Thunder Bay
    Name of Location Shoppers Drug Mart # 679 (425 Edward St. N.)
    Contact 807-475-5385

    City Toronto
    Name of Location Specialty Food Shop
    Contact 800-737-7976

    City Walkerton
    Name of Location Brown's Pharmacy
    Contact 519-881-2420

    City Windsor
    Name of Location Rexall #8124 (1215 Ouellette Ave.)
    Contact 519-256-1700

  • Québec

    City Montréal
    Name of Location Stomomedical
    Contact 866-986-0786

    City Québec
    Name of Location Centre de stomie du Québec inc.
    Contact 418-522-1268

  • Saskatchewan

    City Regina
    Name of Location Medical 1
    Contact 306-352-8874

    City Saskatoon
    Name of Location Nordon Medical
    Contact 306-374-1589

Please note that while some stores may have RESOURCE® 2.0 available for sale by single units, RESOURCE® 2.0 may only be available in cases of 27 (a 27-day supply).

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What is MedPass with RESOURCE® 2.0?

MedPass with RESOURCE® 2.0 is a simple and flexible nutrition supplement program that can be added to your medication routine to provide extra nutrition at regular times throughout the day.

Simply take 60 mL (2 oz) of RESOURCE® 2.0, a complete nutrition supplement, 4 times a day with your medications or at an alternate time that fits your regular daily routine.

What is Medpass with Resource2®?

Benefits of MedPass with RESOURCE® 2.0

  • Provides complete nutrition in small portions, including 477 calories and 20 grams of protein in just one 237 mL container
  • Gives you the energy, protein and nutrients you may need to heal and recover
  • May help you to regain some of the weight you have unintentionally lost or can help you limit further weight loss
  • Can provide extra nutrition for those times when your appetite is poor and eating enough is a challenge
As with all medications taken with food, potential drug/nutrient interactions should be evaluated by a physician and/or pharmacist before use.

References: 1. Int J Orthop Trauma Nurs, 2011, 15: 196-201. 2. J Gerontol Nurs, 2008, 34(5): 45-51.