COMPLEAT® oral or tube feeding formulas are made with real food ingredients to support those looking for options that include a variety of fruits and vegetables. These complete nutrition formulas can be used as a nutrient-rich base for real food homemade oral and/or tube feeding recipes.

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Discover the many benefits of COMPLEAT® as oral and/or tube feeding formulas with real food ingredients.

  • Variety of Real Food Ingredients
  • Complete Nutrition
  • Meets Many Dietary Needs
  • Convenient and Versatile

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Also known as blenderized diets, blended diets, or pureed foods - homemade tube feedings are one way of providing all or some of an individual's nutrion through a feeding tube.

Homemade tube feedings can be made exclusively from real food ingredients, or a commercial formula can be used as a base to whichother food ingredients are added. For some complex medical condions, a homemade tube feeding may not be advised.

The recipes included on this site use COMPLEAT® as a nutrient-rich base for homemade tube feeding that may be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They incorporate real food ingredients for a nutritionally-balanced homemade tube feeding.

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The recipes on this website are not intended to be used as a daily or weekly meal plan. They are examples of recipes using COMPLEAT® tube feeding formulas as a base for homemade tube feeding formulas. Recipes may be adjusted if they do not contain the appropriate amount of calories, protein, fat or any other nutrients to meet a specific need. Please note that if the volume of COMPLEAT® tube feeding formula or other ingredients is changed, the Nutrition Information provided with the recipe will also change.

COMPLEAT® Tube Feeding Formula


250 mL carton




10 g


250 mg


390 mg


34 g


34 g

Dietary Fibre

2 g


12 g

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