BOOST® Soothe

Now there’s a new way to support your patients on their cancer journey. Cancer and cancer therapy can cause changes in taste and food preferences, which may impact dietary intake and increase malnutrition risk.


Nutrition can be impacted from side effects of cancer therapy1

Nestlé Health Science collaborated with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to better understand the nutritional challenges of patients with cancer and to develop a nutritional drink based on these needs and preferences.

50-70% of patients receiving chemotherapy report changes in taste 2,3

Up to 80% of patients may experience sore mouth or mucositis during cancer treatment4

Up to 80% of patients experience malnutrition risk during cancer treatment5,6

Our Product: BOOST® Soothe

BOOST® Soothe is a refreshing and cooling clear protein drink, with 10g of whey protein isolate and 0g of fat (per 237 ml). It contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and has been specially formulated for patients who experience certain cancer treatment side effects, such as oral discomfort, taste changes, and loss of appetite. It is designed to avoid ingredients that are known to have a metallic aftertaste.

Developed & tested with oncology patients7

In sensory tests, the majority of patients (n=95) agreed that BOOST® Soothe Strawberry-Kiwi flavour:

Easy to Drink
87% agree

is Cooling
82% agree

Tastes Great
74% agree

82% agree

has No Metallic Aftertaste
83% agree

is Not Too Sweet
75% agree


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